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Model Description: HUAWEI Mate 20 lite 4GB+64GB Black Single Card Vodafone Ver. VDF Lock Card/BS
Item Description: LTE Cellular Phone,SydneyM-L01,LTE/WCDMA/GSM Handset,USB Cable/Earphone,Internal Li-ion Battery*1/UK charger*1,Bar,Black,,,VDF,Single Card
Model Code: SydneyM-L01
External Code: SNE-LX1
Device Type: Commercial Unit
IMEI: 865357041485598
S/N: HVY0219507002466
BOARD: 025GGE1956004955
PCBA BARCODE: 025GGE1956004955
pESN HEX: 80C2B10C
MEID HEX 14: 86535704148559
IMEI: 865357041485598
ITEM CODE: 51092QYN-001
MEID HEX: 865357041485598
WIFI MAC: 94D00D11B266
BT MAC: 94D00D11B861
Customer Code: CIS106409
Country Name: United Kingdom
Company Name: Vodafone Procurement Company S.a r.l.
Offer Code: OFFE00065624
Contract Code: 0008261902280W
Level1 Code: PDCG933534
Level3 Code: PDCG800812
Warranty Valid In: United Kingdom
Warranty Status: Out of Warranty

Warranty Details:
Warranty Type: 30 Day Device Replacement
Valid in Country: GB
Service Code: BS02000002
Start Date: 2019/7/2
End Date: 2019/8/1
Bind Date: 2019/8/30
Order Date: 2019/5/13
Shipment Date: 2019/5/20
Delivery Date: 2019/7/2
Activation Date: 2019/5/7

Warranty Type: 30 Day Device Return
Valid in Country: GB
Service Code: BS01000003
Start Date: 2019/7/2
End Date: 2019/8/1

Warranty Type: 2 YearWarranty
Warranty Status: OOW
Service Code: BS03000002
Start Date: 2019/7/2
End Date: 2021/7/3

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